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ZEN eyewear, Barcelona, Spain.
Now in the USA.
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Find out more about premium hand made prescription eyeglasses by

ZEN eyewear Barcelona Spain

We love to bring you the New, the Cool, the Refined and the Fun in the exciting world of European eyewear design.

If any European city embodies creativity and innovative design it must be Barcelona.

ZEN eyewear is based in Barcelona, Spain they are one of the most innovative eyewear companies in the world. WIth eyewear collections featuring exotic and luxurious materials that are globally sourced, ZEN often works with the University of Barcelona to develop the optical applications of these materials in their frames.

Materials include hypoallergenic surgical grade bio titanium,

high tech Duralumium and Tecnomol, and exquisite acetates

that are hand polished with stone and clay in Japan.

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ZEN eyewear eyeglasses #optician


Looking for some new prescription eyeglasses?

Something fresh and innovative in eyewear design?

We have the latest in eyeglasses styles, ladies prescription eyeglasses and men's prescription eyeglasses.

Ask for our collections of fashion eyeglasses at better optical shops in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Our eyeglasses are from Internationally known fashion brands and designers like -





ZEN eyewear Barcelona Spain

This is where you will discover prescription eyeglasses to suit your personal style. 


Desirable, affordable, and practical, our prescription eyeglasses styles cover a range of prices to suit many tastes. You are sure to find a personal style for work, for sport, for everyday casual... or to make a statement with something unique and exclusive.


Eyewear that you won't find Everywhere.


Watch this page to see the latest additions to our exciting European Eyewear Collections.








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About Us -

eurospecs usa

is proud to serve innovative Optical Practices thoughout Upstate New York and New England.


We are agents and consulting representatives for the national distributors of several fine collections of prescription eyeglasses.


Our exciting eyewear collections cover a broad range of price points and styles so that they represent the best in quality and affordability for today's discerning prescription eyeglass wearer.


From Rochester New York, from Fairfield Connecticut to Hartford, from Boston Massachusetts to Stockbridge and from Kittery Maine to Bangor - you can find our prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses in an optician's office or optical shop near you.


And delivery is fast too, because our national distributors carry full inventory for the USA collections right here in North America.

All of these prescription eyeglass frames are made from the finest materials including the highest grade stainless steel, ultra light titanium, bio - titanium, high tech Duralumin 7075, TR90, ULTEM high performance nylons and natural cotton fiber acetates. We even have prescription eyeglasses made from coconut fibers that are hand made by artisans in Japan.

With thousands of prescription eyeglasess frames to choose from, if you are looking for a hard to find size or unusual color, we can special order the specific model from Europe for you at no extra cost. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our prescription eyeglasses or where to buy them.

Thank you for your kind interest in these wonderful international eyewear collections.

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