Isn't it amazing how some people will spend a fortune on accessories like shoes, handbags or watches but will often neglect the one thing that people notice first?

Your eyes.


Your eyes are called "The Windows of the Soul" for good reason.

And your eyes certainly deserve to be a priority. Remember to schedule your eye exams on a regular basis and protect your vision with expert care.


As for the folks at MORE & MORE - well they couldn’t agree "MORE".


The MORE & MORE eyewear collection

This European ladies' clothing brand has created some amazing eyewear styles to top off your unique look.


This season MORE & MORE have specially created a range of acetate sheets in a unique color palette. 

These acetates are an exclusive to the MORE & MORE label.

You are not going to see these materials in any other eyewear in the world.


This collection of designer eyeglass frames is super cool looking AND they are also hypoallergenic because the acetates are made from natural cotton fibers.


So sure, go ahead and accessorize...  but don't forget to Emphasize your Eyes.


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